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‘Sonic Unrest’ at Reading’s Reverb

On March 31st, Reading’s Reverb was the very first stop of The Sonic Unrest Pt 2 tour. Featuring Periphery, The Contortionist, Norma Jean and Infinity Shred, it was sure to be a varied bill.

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Exclusive: Maximalism With Olof of Amaranthe

Standing outside the venue of Reading, PA’s Reverb, the moon slowly peeks up over the hills. It’s 28ºF outside and the line is beginning to wrap around the building. Some passerby might wonder why anybody would subject themselves to sub-freezing temperatures just to wait in line. Well, the answer is simple. This is the final night of Amaranthe’s Maximalism USA/ Canada tour. Continue reading Exclusive: Maximalism With Olof of Amaranthe

Blood Lust Death Tour at Reverb

On March 22nd, the Blood Lust Death Tour makes it’s mid-tour stop a stop at Reading, PA’s Reverb. This was a tour I was very excited to see because I’ve been a fan of both Dope and Combichrist for ages and to be able to see them both on the same night was exciting. A rather newcomer for me is September Mourning who according to Wikipedia a “transmedia dark culture project” so that bot me intrigued. This will also be the first time I finally get to see Davey Suicide live considering I’ve constantly missed his sets due to scheduling conflicts. Continue reading Blood Lust Death Tour at Reverb

Transcending the Coma Tour

Transcending the Coma Tour.jpg

9/15/16 – Transcending the Coma Tour – The Devin Townsend Project / Between the Buried and Me with Fallujah – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Traffic and parking prevented us from witnessing opening act Fallujah’s performance. Reports seem to indicate that they put their latest release Dreamless firmly in the spotlight.

Between the Buried and Me were the second act of the evening and, as promised, played their latest album Coma Ecliptic in full. Coma Ecliptic was my favorite album of 2015, so seeing it in person was an experience that was perhaps best appreciated by those of us who had a familiarity with the concept and story. Then again, fans of progressive rock can also enjoy it as it may be the most accessible collection of songs the band has put out yet. The narrative helps to make it cohesive as a collection. Continue reading Transcending the Coma Tour

The Taste of Chaos, and the Taste of Bitter Cold

June 9th, Thursday – Since 2005, The Taste of Chaos Tour has always been the stepping stone for many post-hardcore acts. Unfortunately in 2010, t’s founders decided to retire the tour and replace it with the Uproar Festival which featured a more prominent metal sound. But with a successful run in 2015, the Taste of Chaos Tour returns with The Early November, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday and closing the night off was Dashboard Confessional.

Unbeknownst to me today was that Patent Pending, along with a local act, as opening today’s show.

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My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at the Gin Mill Bar & Grille

Amid the satanic panic moral hysteria of the late 80s, Wax Trax! Records luminaries My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult emerged as the eminent scourge of knee-jerk, misguided parents and overzealous censorship groups across America, unleashing un-holy terror with thumping, tongue-in-cheek, sample-heavy sound collage noise anthems about drugs, BDSM-tinged sex and faux occultism.

TKK-Gin Mill ©Steve Topp 2016 08
Photo By: Steve Topp

Nearly 30 years have passed since those heady days, and although the Thrill Kill Kult may no longer be the potent force of corruption they once were, the campy, kitschy, b-movie horror sleaze they peddled with classic albums I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits, Kooler Than Jesus, and Confessions of a Knife is as gleefully alive as ever.

TKK-Gin Mill ©Steve Topp 2016 07
Photo By: Steve Topp

They made this abundantly clear to a small but enthusiastic Lehigh Valley crowd on Thursday, June 9, when Northampton served as the unlikely first stop on the northeast leg of the band’s Elektrik Messiah Show tour.

TKK-Gin MIll Groovie ©Adrianna Gober 2016
Photo By: Adrianna Gober

Slinking on stage one by one, co-founder and Chairman of the Beat, Buzz McCoy, lead the way, taking his place at an elevated synth station at the back of the stage where he oversaw the night’s proceedings. Guitarist Westin Halvorson and bassist Mimi Star soon followed, and as a triggered sample of a man’s voice dully intoning about witchcraft filled the room, the trio exploded into “Witchpunkrockstar,” the opening track from 2009’s over-the-top Death Threat. It wasn’t until halfway through the song that co-founder, frontman and sleaze ambassador Groovie Mann crept onto the stage from out the darkness.

TKK-Gin Mill ©Steve Topp 2016 01
Photo By: Steve Topp

Dressed nearly head-to-toe in leather with various gold accoutrements decorating his neck and knuckles, Mann stalked the stage like a man possessed, preening menacingly and camping it up to the absolute delight of a increasingly fired up crowd. Flanked on either side by Halvorson and Star, Mann growled his way through a relentlessly fast-paced set, including industrial dance staples “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan,” “Kooler Than Jesus,” “Sex on Wheelz” and “After the Flesh”. Especially entertaining were Mann’s provocative, sexually-charged antics with guitarist Halvorson, enacting a display that would not be chaperone-approved. With a non-stop, high powered set and McCoy acting as devilish hype man from his synthesizer pulpit, it didn’t take long for the Kult to whip the crowd into a limb-flailing frenzy.

TKK-Gin Mill ©Steve Topp 2016 06
Photo By: Steve Topp

By the time the band reached the end of their set, Mann had lost his shirt and draped himself across the monitors, pawing at the adoring faithful at the front. Those not being gladly and willingly victimized danced with shameless abandon, engulfed by a pummeling wave of bass and distortion as the band tore through a deranged version of “Electrical Soul Wish,” to close out their set. Sweat drenched and satisfied, the band and the crowd disbursed to mingle at the bar, or to make their way out into the night.

Photos By: Steve Topp
Words By: Adrianna Gober

Gallery: The Used – 15 Year Anniversary Tour

Since exploding into the scene, The Used’s gut wrenching lyrics and melodies that blended pop sensibilities and hard rock was the perfect storm that helped shaped the alternative-rock scene for years to come.

Tuesday night marked day 1 of The Used’s 15yr Anniversary Tour. Due to high demand, the 2-day show was moved from the Trocadero theater to the Electric Factory.

Photo by: Erin Marhefka
Words by: Henry Chung